October 22, 2015


Let your employees work wherever, whenever.

The Problem

You pay for your employees to have the best financial tools available, that’s why you pay for them to use SmartStation/Betalink. But when your employees are out of the office, what then?

The SmartStation stock ticker won’t currently pass over a VPN, so VPN users cannot use SmartStation. Employees have to rely on telephones and other employees in the office to get market information and make trades. Until now.

The Solution

With StockAccess, and a computer with a broadband Internet connection, your employees can use the same SmartStation application that they use in the office, when at home or on the road.


StockAccess works with your existing SmartStation stock ticker forwarding the ticker to a VPN user when that user runs SmartStation. Now any user with a broadband Internet connection can use SmartStation over your VPN the same way they use it in the office. The same functionality, the same look and feel — everything that your employees use in the office, they can now use anywhere.

How does it work?

StockAccess has two components: A server that forwards the Stock Ticker and a wrapper application on the client that communicates with the server. The client application instructs the server to start forwarding the stock ticker when the remote user launches SmartStation then instructs the server to stop forwarding the ticker when the user exits SmartStation.

The StockAccess server uses IBM servers with Gigabit Ethernet connectivity. All the software is contained in durable solid-state flash, minimizing the chances of hardware failure. The server’s is configured via an easy to use menu system. IT staff can configure the device in around 20 minutes. Its unique design combines the all of the files into a single image file, which makes upgrading to a new software version easy and painless.

The StockAccess client requires minimal configuration via a text file and installs on a client PC in under 5 minutes.


Part No. Description List Price
SA1000 StockAccess Server (supports 50 clients) $2,495
SA1000C StockAcess Client Included with Server

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