October 23, 2015

Network Utility Knife for Wide Area Networks

A) Bandwidth Monitoring

Make sure you’re getting all of the bandwidth you’re paying for. With NUK, we can measure the bandwidth being used so you know how much bandwidth you’re using. We can also use iPerf to test available bandwidth.

B) IP address conflicts

IP address conflicts can be the most frustrating things to troubleshoot over the wire. With NUK, you can use packet capturing and static ARP entries to reconfigure one of the conflicting devices, or disconnect a device from a switch or router.

C) Wired testing

If you’re having trouble with a specific device, it’s helpful to be able to eliminate the LAN connection as a problem. With NUK and flood pings, you can test and rest assured that you know that the LAN connection is fine or is the problem.

D) Scanning for Rogue devices

NUK contains tools to ping sweep all addresses in a range. So if you suspect foul play, you can sweep all of IP addresses and see what turns up. If you find a device that you don’t recognize, you can port scan it, to try to determine what it is. You can also use NUK to scan for particular ports which can often help identify a device’s OS, so if there is a rogue device you know what you’re dealing with.

E) Packet Capturing

NUK can capture packets and decode to the screen or save to a file. The contents can then be examined with WiresharkTM or converted to any one of another 37 file formats (not all file converters are fully vetted, so it would be a good idea to test the conversion process before purchase if it is critical to your needs).


NUK can handle data rates of 533Mbit/second.
$1995 per appliance and managed switch $250 yearly maintenance
5305 Village Center Dr. Suite #127, Columbia, MD 21044