October 23, 2015

Network Utility Knife for TELCOs

A) iperf on an appliance

Have a customer problem that the customer simply won’t admit is on their end? Install a NUK at their site and allow them to test to their heart’s content. With NUK and iPerf, the customer can test on their own and figure out where the problem is without bothering you and requiring you to dispatch mulitple times without the problem being solved.

B) Netflow

Want a value add? NUK comes with Netflow as an option, so your customers can get a detailed look at their data usage (for an added fee). This option requires a FreeBSD server per customer to run NetFlow (other OS’s don’t run Netflow any where near as reliably as FreeBSD – probably because the software is developed on FreeBSD).

C) Data Center

With a NUK in your Data centers, you’ll never have to worry about a switch or router misconfiguration causing significant downtime. Since NUK can assign multiple IP addresses to multiple interfaces and doesn’t participate in your routing protocols, it can help you deal with typos or misconfiguration. Simply use the menu to assign an IP address in the incorrect IP range to the NUK then connect to the router from the NUK and use it to correct a typo on a router quickly and easily.


NUK can handle data rates of 533Mbit/second.
$1795 per box $250 yearly maintenance
5305 Village Center Dr. Suite #127, Columbia, MD 21044