October 23, 2015

Network Utitily Knife for Hotels


A) Bandwidth Monitoring

Make sure you’re getting all of the bandwidth you’re paying for. With NUK, we provide a website that shows how much bandwidth you are currently using. NUK also has the tools to do tests to determine how much bandwidth you have available so you know you’re getting everything you’re paying for. Finally, NUK can help test a circuit for errors and provide the tools (iPerf, et. al) that will easily convince a carrier that there is a problem.

B) Remote WAP configuration

If a WAP gets factory reset, or if you just want to add new WAP’s, with NUK we or you can program them. NUK has a proxy server, a port forwarder, and a menu-based way to add static ARP entries – all the things you need to program WAP’s, no matter what state they’re in.

C) WAP Monitoring

NUK can do a scan of all the WAP’s on your network every hour and email you with a list of all down WAP’s. No down WAP’s, no email!

D) WAP wired testing

If you’re having trouble with a specific WAP, it’s helpful to be able to eliminate the LAN connection as a problem. With NUK and flood pings, you can stress test the connection to a device and rest assured, knowing that the LAN is or isn’t the problem.


PricingNuk for hotels (including 6 hours service to program WAP’s and configure monitoring)
$2495 up front $55 / month
5305 Village Center Dr. Suite #127, Columbia, MD 21044