October 22, 2015

Guest Access™ for Business

The Problem

Allowing guest users accees to your networks creates security issues. Most guests just want access to the Internet, but connecting them to an internal network provides them access to internal servers.

The Solution

Bigjar Systems’ GuestAccess allows IT personnel to allow “guests” access to the Internet while keeping them from accessing internal data.

Consider a network without GuestAccess

In this scenario the servers that contain sensitive information are vulnerable to attack from the guest users.


Now consider the same network with GuestAccess


With GuestAccess the guest users can access the Internet, but are prevented (by the firewall) from accessing the sensitive data. In effect the GuestAccess extends the DMZ to the guest lan, the existing firewall now protects the organization’s sensitive data from external and internal guests.

Why do I need it?

There are many situations where GuestAccess can simplify your network infrastructure. If you have an existing WAN that provides Internet access, GuestAccess can allow you to sublet space at a remote site and provide Internet access for the leasee. If you want to provide Internet access to guests in a waiting area at a remote site, GuestAccess can accomplish that as well.

Technical Details

GuestAccess software is contained in a single file, so file system corruption is not an issue. A software upgrade is uploaded to the unit then activated so that it takes effect after a reboot. A transfer interrupted by power outage has no negative effect on the box. GuestAccess works with a “partner router” to former two ends of a network tunnel. We can partner with routers from many major router manufacturers (Cisco Systems, et al.); PC’s running the following operating systems: FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Linux, & Win2K/2003; as well as our own Aggregation Server.

Part No. Description List Price
GA1000 Guest Access Device $1,095
GA-AS1000 GuestAccess Aggregation Server $2,995
MGA1000 1-year Maintenance (software upgrades, hardware replacement, & support) $150
MGA-AS1000 1-year Maintenance (software upgrades, hardware replacement & support) for Aggregation Server $450


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